ISO Certifications - Consultancy Services

The certification of a company according to international ISO standards is the most widespread way of documenting the quality of the operations it follows and the products or services it provides.

Our Consultants offer a high level of services in the field of Systems Certification and provide full support at all stages for the successful acquisition of ISO certifications. Specifically, they offer guidance for the following ISO certifications: ISO 9001:2015, 14001, 27001:2013, 22000:2018, 45001:2018, 41001.

ISO Certifications
ISO 90012015 - Quality Management System
ISO 27001 - Information Security Management
ISO 450012018 Occupational Health & Safety
ISO 14001 - Environmental Management
ISO 220002018 Food safety management systems
ISO 41001 - Facility Management Systems

Benefits of ISO Certifications

  • Positive brand equity
  • International acknowledgment and recognition
  • Reduced costs
  • Consistent quality and efficiency – Reliability
  • Increased performance
  • Increased satisfaction of customers
  • Increased satisfaction of staff
  • Ability to participate in Public Tenders

QBC Business Consultants provide high-quality services in the field of Systems Certification supporting companies of all sizes and from various industries to improve their management systems, enhance their productivity and efficiency and create an environment following international standards and responsibilities.

Get in touch with a Business Consultant

Express your interest in communicating with a Consultant easily and simply through the site or at 216 900 7576.

You choose the way the Business Consultant will contact you.

iso certifications consultants greece

The Business Consultant will call you at the agreed time to discuss the available ISO certifications and find the most suited to your business plans.

Having selected video calling as the communication method, you will receive e-mail instructions on the connection process to the call. You will log in at the available day and time you have scheduled the meeting.

The meeting with the Business Consultant, in this case, will take place at the offices of our company, so we will have the pleasure to meet you in person and plan the future of your business together.

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