About us

With a sense of responsibility to society as a whole, at QBC we provide a high level of Advisory, Accounting, Tax, and Audit services, as well as Management and Training of Human Resources, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Our top-notch team consists of Business Consultants, Accountants, Internal Auditors, and Tax Specialists who have the know-how and expertise to assist and advise you on developing a sustainable and profitable business.

Why to partner with us

σύμβουλοι επιχειρήσεων αθήνα

The core of our business is our customers. Customer satisfaction is our first priority by designing and offering complete solutions to the multiple challenges they face every day.

All of our employees and partners have several years of experience and high-level knowledge.

By Properly using the many years of experience, but also properly utilizing our highly specialized staff, we offer our customers and partners a wide and constantly evolving range of services, which covers the needs of each customer.

For us, quality services do not mean any less than satisfying your every request towards your company’s prosperity.
The high-quality of our services is for us non-negotiable and in no circumstance, we do not make any discount on it to broaden our clientele.

Our aim is to establish long-term, trustworthy, responsible relationships with our clients.

The multi-year experience in the industry of consulting services, as the sense of duty towards our clients, fuels our consistency, commitment, and passion for providing top-notch services. We are fully transparent in our relationships, consistent in our deadlines and our guiding principles.

At QBC we make sure we are next to our customers and partners, providing solutions to every challenge they may face and answering specialized inquiries related to our services.
The customer support success of our team derives from the joy we get while we share our advanced know-how with your company.

Our vision and values

Our vision, your future!

Our vision is to be the ultimate ally in achieving your goals and growing your business.

We are always on the side of our customers, to advise you, guide you in your decisions, and help you take full advantage of every opportunity that will arise.

We really care about your success and we have the strength and dedication to give you the results your business needs.

Our services and human resources are adapted accordingly to suit the culture of each client, including large, medium and small private companies, non-profit companies and public organizations.

We know that our customers are unique!

Our values ​​unite and define the philosophy and culture of our business.
Based on these, we move forward for each of our next steps.

01. Passion

We love what we do and we do it with enthusiasm and passion, constantly striving to improve.

02. Encouragement

We encourage our people to continue professional development and advancement. We offer them the right supplies and tools so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill our mission.

03. Confidence

Our main target is to establish mutual trust between our team members and our customers and partners. Reliability and responsibility contribute to the healthy development of business relationships.

04. Respect and Integrity

We act with integrity towards our human resources, our partners, and our customers, cultivating a climate of respect in order to create long-term relationships that are distinguished by stability and honesty.

05. Ethics and Merit

The way our business is organized and operated is based on human dignity and is guided by the rules of transparency, ethics, and meritocracy, at all levels.

05. Social and environmental responsibility

Επιδιώκουμε την εφαρμογή δράσεων και πρακτικών που συμβάλλουν στη βελτίωση της κοινωνικής ευημερίας και της πράσινης ανάπτυξης.

Our people

Our employees are the ones who shape the philosophy and culture of our company and are the key to its successful course.

Our priority is to ensure the safety, well-being, and quality of life of our human resources by building a stable and healthy work environment that respects people recognize their value and encourages their personal and professional development.

With teamwork, meaningful relationships, and open communication, we create a climate of trust between our employees, contributing to their psychological and emotional satisfaction as well as their commitment to our company.

We believe in our people, we invest in them, and in turn, they add value to the services we provide. We create opportunities for continuous education and training of our employees with comprehensive programs for their lifelong development as well as significant supplies to achieve their personal goals.

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