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”The team of QBC has contributed significantly towards the improvement of our processes. Startups’ ecosystem is demanding and often experiences a lot of changes. Within a few months, QBC assisted us to raise working capital funds, through Elevate Greece platform, while also enabling us to successfully conclude an external control from institutional investors.”

Eleftherios Karabatsakis

‘QBC has proved to be the right partner for us, as through their on-time and valid information enabling us to have access to funds for our company’s growth. In addition, the professionalism and the immediate responses of QBC’s team create a sense of trust and confidence that we will get the desired results even under the most strict deadlines.”

Panagiotis Zervas

”Young – yet experienced and holistically up to date professionals. One-stop hop organization consisted of the best. Positive energy, measurable results. QBC – The best partners we could have next to us. Our deepest gratitude and appreciation.”

Vasilis Stenos
QBC Readnet

“Excellent partners! Professionals, always on time and ready to help, they form a valuable partner for a startup like us.”

Nickolas Tazes
QBC Booms

”This past year, QBC has been proved its value as an invaluable strategic partner for our company. Great people, great professionals. QBC’s consulting services assisted us to penetrate and establish our presence in the market while auditing services enabled us to optimize our procedures and operations.

Thanassis Alexopoulos

“Thank you for your excellent cooperation and guidance as well as your unwavering understanding in resolving our issues.”


John Bouros

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