Startups & Scale-ups

Knowing the crucial impact startups & scale-ups have on the economic, social, and technological environment of our country, and having the know-how we provide integrated customized solutions for their growth.

Startups are a key growth driver behind every well-developed country. A challenge they have to face is the volatility that comes with their existence and the business environment within which they operate.

Guided by the desire to support startups to overcome their challenges, our Consultants have designed a set of integrated advisory services for the satisfaction of their needs.

One way in which we contribute to their growth is by assisting them to get funded with national and european funding programmes. Within 2021, our Consultants had the opportunity to collaborate with and ensure funds for 120 new customers.

Specialized solutions for Startups & Scale-ups:

  • Start-ups of all legal forms
  • Support for the establishment of branches of foreign companies in Greece
  • Deal advisory – Mergers & Acquisitions Tax
  • Tax planning & Compliance
  • Support during Tax Audits
  • Stock Options Taxation, Employee Stock Options
  • Reorganization of existing accounting systems
  • Implementation of internal audit procedures
  • Evaluation and recommendation for process improvement and cost-effectiveness
  • Evaluation of the comprehensiveness, validity, and reliability of your company’s accounting documents
  • Assistance in National & European funding programmes (New Development Law 2022, ΕΣΠΑ 2021-2027, Horizon Europe, etc.)

Get in touch with a Consultant

Express your interest in communicating with a Consultant easily and simply through the site or at 216 900 7576.

You choose the way the Financial Advisor will contact you.

consultancy firm for startups and scaleups

The Financial Advisor will call you at the agreed time to discuss your business plans and growth opportunities for you.

Having selected video calling as the communication method, you will receive e-mail instructions on the connection process to the call. You will log in at the available day and time you have scheduled the meeting.

The meeting with the Financial Advisor, in this case, will take place at the offices of our company, so we will have the pleasure to meet you in person and plan the future of your business together.

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